For The Birds

By Ann Trump

Most mornings, I hear the birds chattering their greeting to the dawn at least a half an hour before I see them. I have several bird feeders around my house, but I have strategically positioned a feeding area outside my bedroom window between the Korean spice bush and the quince.  While I drink my first cups of coffee, before the day has gotten a firm hold on my attention, I allow myself the joy of bird watching.  I highly recommend it.  Back yard bird watching satisfies the yearnings of my soul, that place in me that wants a peaceful and calm demeanor, that place that trusts life and wants to leave behind the hurry.  Without effort, I experience an alert, meditative state.  Even on a busy day, if I stop for just a moment, and catch the scattering of sparrows as a noisy blue jay lands on and claims a feeder, I am instantly brought into the present moment.    

From a Feng Shui perspective, inviting birds into your environment is inviting good chi and blessings from Heaven.  Birds are symbols of new opportunities and good fortune. Feeding birds is a fabulous way to increase energy around the home and keep it from becoming stagnant.  Introducing a bird bath is a wonderful way to incorporate the water element into your landscape.  The material and color of the feeder can be a way to add a deficient element or enhance an area of the bagua.  Being mindful of placement, for example adding a feeder to the north area of your property or in a northern widow of your house may give you added energy and blessings for a job search, as the north represents career.

Tips for feeding the birds:

  • Keep the feeders full.  Birds will return to feeders if they know there is a  continuous food supply.  If you are new to feeding, don’t be discouraged if birds don’t flock the feeder the minute you fill it.  Be patient, they will find it.
  • Birds like cover when they feed.  Feeders hung near shrubs and trees or under porches provide safety from predators.  Try draping pine branches or grape vine around feeders that are too exposed.
  • Birds prefer wooden feeders to plastic feeders, with the exception of hummingbirds and finches. 
  • Don’t forget squirrels will invade feeders and have ravenous appetites.  Give them  a feeder of their own filled with corn and sunflower seeds, or buy corncobs just  for them.

There is a variety of attractive window feeders for city dwellers.  A red  hummingbird feeder is an ideal energizer for any area of the bagua that needs a  little boost and is a perfect feeder for apartments.                       

Experiment with homemade bird treats. Pinecones rolled in peanut butter with birdseed sprinkled on them is a nice project for children.  Hang them from your porch or on trees. Birds love suet.  Try the recipe below.


  1. Use as much lard as desired.
  2. Add peanut butter.
  3. Add any dried fruits or nuts that you have available.
  4. Mix in enough birdseed to make it desirable to the birds.
  5. Put the mix in recycled onion sacks and hang outdoors.

Bird watching and bird feeding is a soul pleasing past time and good Feng Shui.  On the wall above the cash register in my favorite Chinese restaurant there hangs a beautiful painting of One Hundred Birds.  The symbolic meaning of the Chinese painting is good fortune and financial blessings.  I have actually counted forty four mourning doves feeding at one time in my yard.  Arriving in pairs, I believe they bless me with the fortunes from Heaven.

© Ann Trump, 2010. All rights reserved.

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7 thoughts on “For The Birds”

  1. Ann,

    Thanks for the interesting post. I live in a rented appartment. Patio in my appartment is South facing. I had hung a bird feeder on my patio few days back. I just want to ensure that it is a good Feng Shui.I also feed squirils with my left over food and sometimes with my riped fruits and vegetables. Is it a good practice as far as Feng Shui is concerned ?

  2. Ann,

    Nice article about the birds. Love the way you wove meditation and feng shui into it. I have a feeder right outside my office window where I love to take a break and become present with them too.

    love, Minnie

  3. Found a bird nest with 2 egg near my house corridor.Seem like a sparrow or a humming bird, brown and white in colour.What does it symbolise.Please advice

  4. Hi Harlan,

    Nests near a house always means good blessings and oppurtunity coming to you, perhaps “small” blessing in your case, but be on the look out.

    Sparrows are diligent builders. Are you builing something new? Hummingbirds drink from f;owers and are reminders to savor the little things.

    Good luck and I apologize for the delay in answering.


  5. Another important thing to note is how much of the seed you are giving is actually just filler. Many less expensive feeds use a lot of filler, which the birds don’t generally eat and are basically a waste of money and can make a mess in your yard. Filler seeds include milo, sorghum, red millet and golden millet. Birds will push through these fillers to get the food they want, so it is more financially sound to choose one that is higher quality.”

    Our very own internet page

  6. Hi ! I loved your article on birds !! I have several bird feeders and I get about 20-30 parrots and about 5 Alexandrian parakeets and a dozen sparrows … I feel blessed that they accept my offerings to them … And they always seem to relax me and calm me down when I watch them . It’s definetly similar to meditation as you have mentioned !!!

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